Well I am happy to share here another cool font, Mr. Grieves it’s a brush hand painted sans-serif font with a cool style, the uppercase letterforms really look good with a nice texture of paint. I can imagine this font on posters, flyers, some specific headlines, or whatever your imagination decides. Well and if you are a fan of Pixies like me, you will love to know that the author, Jenny Fox was inspired on the music with the same name from the Pixies on their great Doolittle album.

This great resource is free for use on personal and commercial works, so let’s do something beautiful with it.

credits for: Jenny Fox


Download Resource Here


Mr. Grieves free brush font

Mr. Grieves free brush font



Well and here it’s Mr. Grieves on a live performance in a festival in Belgium, sorry for the quality of the video, but I think the most important it’s the moment on 1989 when this was recorded.














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