Yu-kai Chou and his Gamification Framework

During this week I participated in a Gamification Design workshop, so I thought this could be a good inspiration post to share here. For many of you, this isn't nothing new and probably you already are using it, but for those who aren't aware, here goes some info. So what is Gamification? As the name suggests, it`s a technique based on the same principles of pure gaming, that uses elements of game in a different context, usually boring, doing it in a Fun way in order to achieve a predefined purpose. The Misunderstanding For some Gamification is…Read more

Jamie Reid from Sex Pistols to Pussy Riot but that’s not all

For some inspiration is everywhere, for others it's hard to find, and that's the main reason I think it's never too much sharing what inspires us. Today the inspiring post isn't about Sex Pistols, for those who first  saw the image, it's about Jamie Reid and is punk artist nature.     Jamie Reid became known by his iconic work for the Sex Pistols but it all started few years before in 1970. Already as anarchist, Reid started following the Situationists cause, and joined the Suburban Press. Here he developed his graphic style, style that was spread in 1976 when Malcolm McLaren…Read more